After our recent foray into video ads, there's been a lot of news and questions. So we thought we'd remind you that there are plenty of other ways you can leverage video to make your site more engaging for users, in addition to video ads.

By embedding Google Video content into your site, you can also add color to a story, illustrate complicated steps on a how-to page, or give content for a review (check out our new movie preview page). Recently, we made it much easier to let us host your content - you can upload from within your web browser and your videos will be available for your site within minutes. You'll also be able to get full reporting on any videos you've uploaded.

We've received feedback from publishers that adding video to your site is a great way to draw in more readers. It's easy to start: just find a video you like from Google Video or upload your own, then click on the embed link on the right side of any playback page to add it to your site.