Over the past five weeks of the Google Analytics insights blog post series we’ve looked at how to use Google Analytics to grow your business, optimize your mobile presence, increase user loyalty with Google and improve your overall user experience. We’ve also collected all of your questions to create a video covering the most frequently asked questions.

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The video starts by exploring how integrating your AdSense account with Analytics gives you data that’ll help you optimize content, improve user experience and ultimately, increase your revenue. We then give you a demo so that you can get started straight away. If you’re interested in getting a better understanding of how visitors interact with your online content then you’ll enjoy the section about Universal Analytics and Demographic and Interest reporting. Don't forget to check out our help resources for additional information on each topic covered in this video:

We hope you’ve found the series to be useful. Many thanks for all of your comments and questions over the past five weeks.

Posted by Cemal Buyukgokcesu - Google Analytics Specialist
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