As part of our ongoing efforts to increase transparency around our policies, we've recently launched a policy FAQs section in our Help Center to address some of the commonly asked questions that we receive from our publishers.

Some example questions in this new section include:

Would an image of a girl in a bikini be considered adult content?

When blending ads to match in with my site, how do I make sure that the ads don’t mimic the format of the content without having gaudy ads?

Is placing a 300 x 250 ad unit on top of a high-end mobile optimized page considered a policy violation?

My account got disabled and my appeal was denied. Is there any way I can start over?

Our AdSense policies are in place to ensure that Google’s display and search networks provide a safe and positive experience for our users, advertisers, and publishers.  We hope that you find these new FAQs helpful and we thank you for helping us maintain a compliant network.

Posted by Eri Shikamura - Inside AdSense Team
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