Today, we're happy to announce that AdSense publishers can begin monetizing their HTTPS pages. Many websites, like e-commerce sites and social networking sites, use the HTTPS protocol to protect their users' sensitive data. If you have a HTTPS website you’ll be pleased with how easy it is to monetize using AdSense.

To use AdSense on your HTTPS-enabled sites, simply create an ad unit in AdSense and then paste the ad code into the HTML source code of your page where you'd like the ad to appear. The old version of the AdSense ad code will not work with your HTTPS-enabled sites but you can get and copy the ad code for an existing ad unit.

HTTPS-enabled sites require that all content on the page, including the ads, be SSL-compliant. As a result,  our systems will remove all non-SSL compliant ads from competing in the auction on these pages. This means that if you convert your HTTP site to HTTPS, ads on your HTTPS pages might earn less than those on your HTTP pages.

Please visit our Help Center for more details on this feature. If you have a HTTPS-enabled website we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Posted by Sandor Sas - AdSense Software Engineer
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