In a perfect world, putting ads on a web page wouldn’t slow that page down at all.  We’re striving to get to that point, constantly looking at ways to improve the latency of web pages containing ads, and today we’re happy to share a new beta version of our ad code. This new code (known as an asynchronous tag) enhances user experience on your sites by ensuring site content loads for your users, even if they’re having trouble loading the ad. This is particularly good news for mobile users.

Our new asynchronous ad code is still a beta feature, and so changing over to the new version is optional. In your account, you’ll notice that you’re now able to choose between the new and current versions of the code. To try the new ad code, follow the steps to create an ad unit, then, in the Ad code box, select 'Asynchronous (BETA)' from the Code type drop-down menu. As before, copy and paste the ad code into the HTML source code of your pages.

If you choose to switch to the new code, we recommend switching all of the ad units on your pages in order to give users the best experience. If you’d like to read more on the technical aspects of this tag, take a look at our post on the Google Developers Blog. Let us know if you’re planning to try it out and share your feedback on our AdSense +page.

Posted by Johan Land - AdSense Product Manager
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