We started our AdSense +page a few months ago to connect with you and regularly share information. Since the launch of the +page, you’ve provided great feedback and made it clear that you’re constantly yearning to learn more. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be hosting a series of Hangouts On Air to provide you with additional information and help you build connections within the publisher community. We’ll be covering a variety of topics, including how to:
  • Fix crawler errors
  • Establish a Google+ strategy
  • Use DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business
  • Understand your AdSense payments
  • Navigate performance reports
  • Implement optimization tips
Be sure to follow the AdSense +page to learn about the specific dates and times of the Hangouts On Air. We’ll also post the recorded videos to our YouTube channel, in case you’re not able to watch a live session.

We hope to Hangout with you soon!

Posted by Jamie Firkus - Inside AdSense Team