The AdSense team is hosting a new series of live online webinars this summer. These webinars will focus on AdSense for Search, important technical tips, and best practices for optimizing ad placements, formats and colors on your site. Our first webinar is:
  1. AdSense Optimisation Best Practices
    Wednesday 12th May at 5pm GMT
In this webinar we'll guide you through how you can implement AdSense on your site for optimal results. We'll cover:
  • Optimizing your AdSense for Content implementation by choosing the right placements, ad formats and colour palettes
  • Tracking the results of your changes via channels
  • Improving the user experience and generating additional revenue with AdSense for Search
You can sign up for our webinars through our Help Center. These webinars are also available in German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Just change the language drop-down to see what's available in your market.

Prior to the webinar, you can start asking questions related to this topic and vote on others’ questions in our Google Moderator. We'll answer as many questions as possible during the live event. If you're not familiar with Moderator, please check out our Google Moderator Help.