I sell the Google Content Network, Google's ad network of over one million publishers to advertisers of all sizes, as a great way to reach customers in all stages of the buying cycle. Content advertising is great for demand generation, for getting the news out about a new product, or about an upcoming sale.

How do I pitch the Content Network? To many of my advertisers, the Content Network can be tricky to navigate. The network's reach is vast and with hundreds of thousands of sites, it can be difficult to choose the most relevant sites. The key here is finding the body of traffic that is already somewhat interested in their products/services. This is always my focus when pitching Content advertising to customers.

There are many industries or "verticals," into which our advertisers are grouped. Part of my job is to share Technology industry information with our advertisers and guide them to Technology websites. For instance, I work with some clients who sell smart phone accessories like skins, covers, faceplates, and chargers. But where should they place ads on the vast Content Network? It's my team's job to point the in the right direction. In this case, I'd recommend several types of websites and also recommend some types of sites to exclude because they may be less relevant. Advertisers may want to target sites with gadget reviews or online publications about technology. Well-targeted and relevant people will see the cell-phone ads there.

I always pitch the network as a place where advertisers can engage with their target audience at the moment of relevance. Once the ads are in front of the right eyes, it's a great way for advertisers to engage with their customers online.