We'd like to take a moment to explain a login issue that some of you may have encountered last night, as well as let you know about an upcoming stats delay you may notice.

Login loop

If you tried to sign in to your AdSense account between 10:45 and 11:35 p.m. PST last night, you may have found yourself in a "loop" between the AdSense login page and your Google Accounts page. We're in the process of trying out some new designs for our US English homepage, and we rolled them back after users reported a login error with one of the designs. If you're still having trouble accessing your account, please clear your cache and cookies and then try logging in again at http://www.google.com/adsense. Rest assured the next time the new designs are rolled out, you'll actually end up where you want to be: in your AdSense account! Thanks especially to the forum posters and Twitterers for quickly bringing this to our attention.

Slower stats

You may notice more of a delay in your AdSense and Google Ad Manager stats than usual today, as our engineers will be performing some maintenance work on our system. Please be assured that ads will continue to be served to your pages, and all activity will continue to be tracked as usual. Although it may take longer than usual to see impressions, clicks, and earnings reported in your account, you'll be credited for all valid activity on your sites. We apologize for the short notice, and appreciate your patience as we work to keep our systems updated for you.

Updated to include login instructions and Ad Manager