Many members of the AdSense team enjoy using Twitter -- and we've seen that many of our publishers have made it a part of their daily workflow as well. If you're a Twitter user and have something to say about AdSense, chances are you'll "tweet" about it. Twitter has given us daily snapshots of what we're doing right, and what we could be doing better. If there's an issue affecting many publishers, Twitter is one of the very first places we hear about it. (Not familiar with Twitter? Check out Twitter's Getting Started Guide.)

We're thrilled to launch @adsense to communicate with AdSense publishers who use Twitter. Our tweets will be a mix of fresh product news, optimization tips, interesting links, upcoming events, and possibly even pictures of our dogs. Our entire AdSense team contributes, so if you have any suggestions for what you want to see, feel free to send an @reply to us!

Please note that since we want to make this feed as useful as possible to everyone following us, we can't respond via Twitter to questions regarding individual AdSense accounts. Please continue to visit the AdSense Help Center and Help Forum to troubleshoot your specific issues.

Let the tweeting begin!