We're always delighted to hear how your AdSense payments have made a difference in your life, whether it's covering your web hosting costs, supplementing your school tuition, or helping you quit your day job.

This month, we hope that you'll consider making a difference for others by contributing a portion of your AdSense revenue to the cyclone relief efforts in Myanmar (Burma) and in China. Google.org is donating more than $1.5 million to assist in the relief and rebuilding efforts.

We especially encourage our US and UK publishers to use Google Checkout to donate:


In addition to monetary contributions, the affected areas may also need tents, medicine, or other items. We encourage you to contact your local Red Cross to find out how to donate these items.

If you'd like to help out even more, you can add a gadget for China or Myanmar (Burma) to your website to encourage your visitors to make their own donations.

Naturally, we want to hear about your generosity, so please let us know if you're able to donate.

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