We're a few days into the new year, so hopefully you've been making good progress on your resolutions so far. If you've only gotten as far as "don't procrastinate" on your list, here are 8 AdSense-related resolutions you might want to try:
  1. Turn my custom channels into ad placements, complete with descriptive details to attract placement-targeting advertisers.

  2. Regularly check my sites for compliance with the AdSense program policies.

  3. Keep my address and tax info up to date so that my payments are accurate and timely. (And sign up for EFT if it's available to me!)

  4. Place more of my ad units above the fold and on my homepage for increased visibility -- and advertiser appeal.

  5. Share my AdSense expertise with other publishers in the AdSense Help Forum.

  6. Opt in to text and image ads to make the most of the available ad inventory for my content.

  7. Use the Manage Ads feature to experiment with removing the borders from my ad units.

  8. View the Payments Demo and payments schedule with rapt attention so I'll always know when to expect my next payment.
And just as some resolutions always manage to make an appearance every year, why not also take a look at our oldie-but-goodie AdSense resolutions from 2006 for further inspiration? (We still like #10 a lot.) As for us here at Inside AdSense, we resolve to keep listening to your feedback and bringing you the latest AdSense updates -- complete with the occasional cheesy title, of course.