You may have heard that we're committed to doing business in environmentally friendly ways at Google. As an AdSense publisher, you can help in these efforts by signing up to receive your AdSense payments via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). EFT payments eliminate the paper required to print and send you your check, since they're deposited directly in your bank account just days after they're posted to your Payment History page. There's another advantage: you'll have access to your payments sooner. EFT is the fastest and greenest payment option available, and signing up is simple. Get your banking details ready and simply follow the steps in our Help Center.

Currently, EFT is available to publishers in these countries. However, please know that we're working to offer EFT in more regions, and we'll be sure to announce any updates here. If you're still hesitant about signing up for EFT, we'd love to hear your thoughts.