In the next few days you may notice a change to our Picasa referrals program. With the recent international launch of Google Pack referrals, we'll soon be consolidating Picasa and Pack referrals into a single program. Don't worry, you will still be able to direct users to Picasa as a part of Pack, which also includes useful software like Google Earth, Desktop and Toolbar.

To make for an easy transition, we'll upload new Pack referral options that feature Picasa. To transition to these new referrals, you should generate a new referral unit, choosing Google Pack as the product, and select one of the new Pack units that features Picasa.

As an added benefit, if users decide that they only want to install Picasa from their Pack download, you'll still earn the referral fee for Pack -- double the value you were previously earning for Picasa alone.

If you're currently displaying a Picasa referral unit on your site, you won't notice any changes to the unit or to the way that you have been generating earnings. For now, all Picasa referral units that are currently up will remain supported. However, we strongly encourage you to switch to the new Pack referral units at your earliest convenience.