Inspired by the launch of the new and improved Optimization Tips page, our renewed enthusiasm for helping publishers optimize their sites has led us to deem August Optimization Month! Each week, we'll share insights and tips along with our best-kept secrets to optimize all aspects of your site. Whether you're looking to find better ad placement or formats, struggling to understand who your visitors are, or in need of ideas for making your content more engaging, we hope you'll get some answers here.

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On that note, I'm happy to kick off Week 1 of Optimization Month: testing and tracking optimization effectively. When you decide to experiment with a new ad format or color palette, you want to know just how much impact the changes have had. Get back to the basics and learn about the importance of channels and A/B testing when you optimize your site. We'll finish off the week with a favorite of mine, the top 3 tips for testing and tracking.

We're really excited about Optimization Month, and we hope you are too!