We AdSense Googlers all have some sort of passion, like Mike's bike riding or Rob's prolific blog reading. Physical effort not being my forte, and suffering from the attention span deficit noteworthy of my generation, I think my fascination with film is easily explained. How can anyone beat sitting in a comfy chair watching images flicker by, full of sound and fury (usually signifying nothing)?

Thus, I am excited to present our first video mailbag post, conceived, directed, filmed, and edited by yours truly with help from some wonderful folks. We're still a bit short on special effects, and I don't think I'll be invited to any upcoming Oscars, but hopefully this will answer one or two questions while letting you see who we are.

Let us know how you like it. If you want your question to be featured on Inside AdSense in the future, email it to us along with a photo of yourself. I can't guarantee we'll be able to use it, but if we do, I can make a star out of anyone!