You can already customize the style of your AdSense for search results. Now, you can customize the substance of them, using the new site-flavored search option available in your AdSense account. The learning technology used in site-flavored search offers a subtle flavoring of your results to match the themes and topics of your site. For example, if you've got a site about music, over time our search results might learn that when your users search for [bass], they mean the instrument - not the fish.

Interested in getting site-flavored search for your search results? Just visit the AdSense Setup tab, choose AdSense for search as the product, and generate your search code as normal, making sure to select the Flavor search results to my site checkbox in the process.

Since site-flavored search technology takes time to learn your site, you likely won't notice any changes right away -- but over time, you should see gradual improvements.