If it ain't broke, don't fix it -- or so the saying goes. But when it comes to your AdSense account, toss that adage out the window and you could be on your way to earning more. Experimentation is the watchword, as we've highlighted in the new Optimizing with Channels guide.

This down to earth refresher will ease you through the seemingly daunting process of testing with channels so you can realize the best AdSense implementation for your site. Been using a leaderboard for months? Try switching to a medium rectangle. You know that funky eye-grabbing color scheme you've been using for your ads? See what happens when you blend your ads into the rest of your site.

With a little trial and comparison, you'll know which formats, colors, and placements earn the most money for you. Implement your findings on a site-wide basis, and bingo -- suddenly you're making more money than before. And all because you spent a few moments schooling yourself in the art of channels.