Looking for a place where you can easily share your site content with the world? Try Google Base, Google's database of information submitted by businesses and individuals like you. In a nutshell, Google Base is a free service that helps you publish virtually any kind of information -- be it your latest riveting screenplay, your physical business locations, or your famous brownies recipe.

So what's cool about Google Base for publishers? For starters, it allows you to make your content more accessible and useful. You can describe the content you upload with your own keywords and attributes so users can easily find it when they search Google Base, Froogle, Local or Google.com. For example, if you're posting a recipe, you might include attributes such as 'Meal: Breakfast', 'Main Ingredient: Eggs', and 'Servings: 4'.

The other cool feature is that you can choose to share a lot of your content, or just a little. You can post individual items by completing a simple UI form, or you can submit a bulk upload file with multiple items in standard formats including TSV, RSS 1.0, RSS 2.0 and Atom 0.3 formats. This means that if you already have RSS or Atom feeds, you can easily submit your content to Google Base without much additional work. To keep yourself informed with official news and tips about Google Base, read the Google Base blog or join the Google Base Help Group.