As you know, one of the ways Google AdSense ads are targeted is to the content of your web page. But sometimes you may want to emphasize or de-emphasize certain sections of your page -- for example, you may want to emphasize the first paragraph of your article or ignore your menu bar. With section targeting, you can help us determine what parts of your content are important so that your site can show more targeted ads.

If the following apply, section targeting might be a good fit for your site:

1. You're familiar with HTML and are comfortable adding HTML tags to your source code.
2. You want to help guide the crawlers to specific section(s) of your page.
3. The sections you want to target contain a significant amount of text (a large enough percentage of your overall content to help instruct our crawlers).

Many publishers ask, "Once I've implemented the section targeting HTML code, how will I know if it's working?"

Please note that it may take up to 1-2 weeks before you start to see changes to your ad targeting. Also, we want to make sure your ads are as effective as possible,so our technology detects whether section targeting will improve your results and implements automatically only if you'll earn more revenue.

See our support entry for help getting started with section targeting.