You asked: Do referrals generate AdSense for content page impressions?

Rob says: No. Referral clicks and page impressions are now counted separately from AdSense for content statistics. You can check your referral clicks and impressions by clicking on the 'Overview' tab in the 'Reports' section of your account.

You asked: Does using referrals affect smart pricing on my site?

Rob says: Referral clicks and impressions have no effect on smart pricing.

You asked: When will you offer more detailed reporting?

Rob says: We'll soon be making 'Advanced Reports' available for referrals. This will allow you to see referral stats over any specific time frame you desire.

You asked: When are you going to offer different creative sizes/colors and text links?

Rob says: We're always evaluating the feedback we receive, and are continually looking at new ways to make this program more valuable for publishers. We're working on adding more creative options based on current creative performance, on a language by language basis. We're also investigating text links based on your requests.