Occasionally, we get emails from publishers who are worried about having their AdSense accounts disabled. And recently, we've seen that others have been talking about it too. While we do take our program policies seriously, no one should lose any sleep over their AdSense account -- after all, there's a person behind every one of them. And a big part of maintaining a positive experience is working with publishers to understand the policies. In every possible case we first try to work with the publisher over email to remedy the issue -- and in nearly every case there is a quick and easy solution. (You might want to add adsense-support@google.com to your email contacts list to make sure any email messages about your account make it past your spam filters.)

We know you care about your AdSense account and we do too. As long as you're familiar with our simple guidelines, we're positive we can continue to work together for a very long time.

Ben, AdSense Publisher Support